Uche Jumbo

uche Jombo Reacts To Rumors That Her Marriage Has Crashed

If YOU are going make up stories about my life or marriage try FACTS,” she wrote. “I find your need to create mirage tales of rancor where there are none in chase of a story/news outrageous.”

There’s no story here except a woman trying to balance her family life and work in 2 countries. Please LEAVE my FAMILY out of your manufactured made up stories, there are more important stories, real issues in world people are worried about than little old me.

Drama around her marriage started in July, after an unknown person leaked the photos of Kenney looking really coupled up with a woman said to be 22-years-old. And some of the photos were alleged to have been taken in Kenney’s home, the same one he shares with Uche Jombowhenever she visits the United States.

Kenney denied the rumours and threatened to sue the blogger who shared the story. The couple shared their new photos, in an attempt to kill off the rumours, and reaffirm their dedication to each other.


It’s been more than a month since that messy affair.

Now, Jombo is challenging those who started the divorce claims, urging them to look up her data on the internet.

Marriages in the United States are public record,” she says.

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