Troubles Of The Spirits(Agwu)

My case was better for i have encountered people who lamented that it did them worst.
The supernal phenomena can turn a king to a beggar overnight.

To about 1 out of every ten Agwu victim,the case is different,it stretches beyond settling a debt into something bigger.
To them its a sign of calling into the traditional line of health-a medical field which lacks modernization today due to neglect(Dibia).
Due to ignorance,the experience first manifest in the form of hardship in the life of this category of victims,the aim is to push the victim to seek solution and probably run into the hand of a diviner who will reveal to him the cause of the problem that he may treat it rightly.due to ignorance the christian faith has swept everyone into,it has become nearly impossible for us to be aware of these issues that we may handle them for our good.As a result we are likely to seek solution in the wrong places(church) which they do not exist in.
With time,the experience worsens into sicknesses which usually defies all natural remedies,then results into disability of the brain in which the victim is likely be seen possessing the ability to foresee the future and even give account of events that takes place in his absence (Divination).
His life is to continue this way till death if he fails to do the needful-comform to the demand of the spirit.

Prevention they say is better than cure,the only preventive measure available to this is to be aware at the early stage,to be aware means to know your destiny and to know your destiny in this context is to know which debt you owe and pay ahead of your hustle.

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