There is more God in science than there is in religion

It is for this reason that i believe that God cannot be worshiped in churches and mosques for both impedes science, by separating man from lógic and rationality, Which is The basis of science.

It is also for this reason that i believe that God can be best worshiped in laboratories and research centres.

Since science has benefited mankind far more above religión, is it not yet too evident that God gave us science not religión?.

Science harnesses Gods creation, religión opposes science.

The existence of a first maker is undeniable, but evidently, it has nothing to do with the Torah, Bible or the Koran.

When I say I don’t believe in God, I mean that I don’t believe in the God idea of those 3 books.

The only reason we have to believe in a creator is the fact that our world is not a product of mare accident.

Science can only try to understand the processes the creation took to occur but cannot detect the CAUSE of the whole process.

To me the whole process is more like painting, science can discover the kind of paint used, the kind of brush used, the material the brush and the paint is made of, how the painting took place.

But science due to lack of evidence, has failed to recognize the painter himself.

Science in that sense has offered a more reliable explanation on how the world was made. But what it has failed to discover is WHAT actually made it.

At the end we can never know it because we are not actually meant to know it.

Science doesn’t know all but obviously, Torah, Bible and koran know absolutely nothing.

Africa needs more of science than religion, or she remains in shamble.