The killing of twins in ancient igbo land as thought by the school is a propaganda,it never really happened.

I Udummiri Nwakalu seize to believe it from today, I seize to believe for I have found sense. With the following questions I challenge any man who believe our forefathers engaged in the killing of twins at a certain age to a debate.

The questions are as follows :
1-How come it’s only our schools that propagate this information of twins killing,no other sources?

2-how come our elderly people have no idea about this barbaric
act which they are accused of?.
Our forefathers killed twins!, how come our grandparents have no idea of this?

3-they said it happened at the order of the gods,so which igbo god were that?,we want to know!

4-which igbo village or villages did this tradition once stood?,can the elders of such village attest to it?

4-what are the reasons for the killings?

5-what is that particular ritual called in our language?, for every ritual has a name.

We need evidence that our people once killed twins in the name of tradition, like the white man’s education thought.

We need facts, we need reasons.
If there are none, we want this propaganda to be deleted from our texts books. Enough of the self-hate lessons. Wake up igbos, wake up Africa.

By Udummiri Nwakalu