The history of the GSM in the Nigerian market 

The use of the new product widened rapidly over a period of time, reaching even the poor as the cost started declining for it it later started coming in different affordable designs.
The internet had long been in Nigeria, but at the ignorance of many. It was during the reign  of the china phone that many Nigerians became aware of the internet, which resulted in the return of the second generation GSM for they were internet enabled. Soon they had returned to the market and started dominating once again leading to the gradual disappearance of  the China phones.

   It was at this exact time in history that Nokia products nocked out nearly all its rivals just for one  simple reason (battery). Nokia java took the market for some time until when Nokia introduced Symbia which something special featured in.The symbia software had the ability to run multiple apps at a time, better graphics in terms of games and apps, even camera.The battle between symbia and Java Nokia lingered until black berry launched into the market. At first it was just for the   rich as those who  could afford it were regarded as though they had a car. Better apps, better features and more sufficient services. This was beginning of the end for Nokia. 

It was not easy removing Nokia Due to it’s weakness. Games could not play in it and Nokia had more reliable battery coupled with the fact that the price of the black berry had refused to fall.
The market remained divided between the two generation of GSM (Nokia) and (Black berry) until the arrival  of Android, which as usual first came in costly prices.

But in better app than the black berry, a magnificent game features and many more which the black berry lacked. Most importantly, durable batteries, it remained on in the hands of the rich until China intervened and took over the Android business. Today even the beggar use the the product. 

while black berry and Nokia had been sent to their ancestors, the question remains,:is there really a possibility that newer products as iPhone or other window products Will Ever over take Android or is the market now stable?.

Lets discuss.

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