The History of human language language

It is the same method that the igbo language also followed to be real today. At the beginning, they were no igbo language at all, until the igbo earliest ancestors started creating words to form speeches, then multiple speeches to form a language.the language took millions of years of evolution to ease the pain of poor communication and also created thousands of words for identification, until recently when Europe invaded the continent  and halted the evolution of the language.

Language is the basis of intelligence, I believe I am now  able to prove that language is man’s creation and not nature’s. It implies that there is actually a time in human history that man lived and communicated using just signs and gestures before the advent of any language. This again implies that the earliest humans were possibly at the same level of intelligence with animals.
Now imagine a situation where there are no languages!, have you ever tried talking in your mind without making use of language?, try it and see that it’s impossible. Meaning that it’s very impossible for the brain to think without using a particular language,try and it and prove me wrong.

The earliest humans were more like animals because their brains lacked what it takes to think which is language. The only thing that function perfectly without a language medium is THE IMAGINATION, you can imagine anything without the medium of language and this was their only source of intelligence. They could only imagine but cannot think, because it’s impossible for the brain to think without the help of language and they had no languages then.

At this oldest era, all man could do is respond to natural impulses,for example :hunger Forces them to search for food,the weather forces them to create their shelters and sexual urge forces them to reproduce. They do these because it’s nearly impossible to survive without doing them. Nature made it mandatory for the balance of life and this brings me to the belief in a first planner (God).

They respond to these impulses in “corporation without communication”,because they lacked language.
This is the simple life of an animal,-a life of feeding, sheltering and reproducing, validating my earlier claim that man was initially an ordinary animal until when he started inventing words which later grew into language.

Man began to evolve above animals when language came, the ability to think developed as a result, for they could not initially think without the language medium.without language, there can be no mind, without mind there can be no thoughts and without thoughts, there can be only a little intelligence.

Today, animals still rely on the primitive source of intelligence with is the IMAGINATION, this enable them “corporate without communicating” due to lack of language.

Perhaps, this is the initial plan of the planner or it could be that in the longest future animals may develop languages too and evolve intellectually.ALSO READ : THE HISTORY OF MOBILE PHONE IN NIGERIA