The difference between Miracle and Magic

A gift offered by nature for the good of humanity has been turned to fraud. the whole fraud started from the belief that the biblical characters as Moses, Elijah and and their likes really were spoken to by God. A story so deficient in logical evidence. Them who believe in such stories, today wants to see this same God speak again and as a result has fallen into traps of today’s business men popularly known as “men of God”.

It has always been under the guise of MIRACLE that their men of God hide to deceive their sheep’s.
Those who fell for these tricks are too thoughtless that the bible could not even recognize them as humans but rather, have tagged them SHEEP for they exhibit the exact passive attitude of of sheep.

These sheep have deviated from the actual concept of miracle only to be fooled by magics and organized tricks invented to satisfy the pockets of their men of God.

I do not disbelief in miracles for if I say I do, I will be lying to myself and the power that made all things.

I have seen snakes locomote without legs.

I have seen fishes swim without hands.

I have seen grasses grow without planters.

I have seen liquids change to gases as gases change to liquids.

So have I seen the sun disappear moments before the rain.

There’s nothing more miraculous than seeing a bird fly while another can’t.

Such inexplicable events have I witnessed in this life time of mine.
There is no doubt they are the signs and wonders of God -the real miracle in the real sense.

Do not be fooled by the magic of men nor be deceived by the tricks of the deceivers.

Do not perish when they promise you food without work.

When they promise you protection without security.

When they promise you healing without medication.

When they promise you success without plans.

When they promise you freedom without war.

All of such tricks they organize to fool you into tithing, they succeed because you are sheep who never wondered why the same men who promise divine protection go with guards.

Why do these men hospitalise abroad when they could give healing without medication!.

Such supernatural events are what you sheepishly perceive as miracles.
Though they are real but rare, they are magics – the intelligence of men.

For sure magic is real but there is actually no such thing as magic because what we call magic is simply called magic because we yet don’t understand how they work.

Miracle is real but only in the real sense, all that religion has to offer are magics and tricks.ALSO READ : The history of human language