Spiritual And herbal remedies for epilepsy

Natural cure for Epilepsy
Passion flower and

Boil 2 liters of water
Add passion flower both the stem and the petals
Add honey and mix together
Allow to to extract for at least two days

Take 1 glass 2 times daily for a month

Spiritual cure of Epilepsy

i. white scorpion (akpi)
ii. one alligator pepper (ose eya or ose)
iii. clay pot( ite uro)
iv. razor blade
Roast the two materials together inside the clay pot, get razor blade make 21small mark using the razor blade starting from the forehead of the patient to the waist through the back, and gently apply the roasted medicine on the surface of the bleeding area.

Break the razor into 7 piece and turn it against the patient head 3times.
Throw away  the broken razor inside any flowing river or stream.

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