Signs that he is just Not Serious with With The Relationship And May Not Marry You

5. We couldn’t hang out with our mutual friends anymore. The second I became his girlfriend, it was like he flipped a switch so that all of our time together had to be alone time. Despite being in the same friend group, it was like we couldn’t hang out with our friends at the same time. It was either guys’ night or girls’ night and any group activities had to be double dates.

6. He turned from the shoulder I cried on to the boy who made the tears. When we were friends, he was the person I could always depend on but after we started dating, it was like he disappeared. He not only became unreliable but he also treated me like I was just any other girl and not a friend he’d loved for years. He knew everything my ex put me through and despite that, he turned right around and did the exact same things. He always acted like he was a better guy but in the end, he was just another jerk.

7. He didn’t understand the difference between loving me and being in love. He was always confused about what he really felt for me. Did he love me in a way that just meant he cared about me or was he deeply in love with me and wanted to spend our lives together? Were we best friends or soulmates? He seemed so sure we were meant to be in the beginning but eventually, his confusion showed all over his face.
8. We spent more time together when we were just friends. Once we were officially together, it was like his schedule suddenly filled up. We used to never get sick of each other no matter how much time we spent together but after I was his girlfriend, we couldn’t just hang out like we used to. Everything had to be a scheduled date and the worst part was he couldn’t seem to find any real time for me.

9. I trusted my friend but all my boyfriend did was lie. When we were just friends, he always told me the absolute truth, but that all changed when we got together. He started to hide things from me and little white lies turned into big ones until we were just in this tangled web where I could no longer tell what was true and what was just a fabrication to hide his secrets. I knew everything about my best friend but my boyfriend felt like a stranger.

10. He went from Prince Charming to a total player. Falling in love with my best friend felt like a dream come true but before I knew it, everything was a nightmare. He went from the perfect guy to just another guy who wanted to keep his options open. I thought we’d be living happily ever after but he wasn’t so ready to settle down. I would have never been willing to risk our friendship like that if I had known he wasn’t sure about me.


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