Reincarnation Is Real 

He smiled in dismay, shakes his head in negative sense, he looked at my friend and sighed. The seer started this way brother he called my friend this is your third time to this planet earth, my friend was caught in surprise the seer went further to tell him your first life you were very calm and quiet, and your second coming you were very notorious and radical, your radicalism in your past life is the cause of your ups and down in your third life now, he continued with the sorry state in his face to tell him you insulted an elder in your past life and angrily he poured drink on your head and cursed you, my friend very down, he said presently you came to this present life a calm person just like your first, he nodded to concur.
He went further to shock him the more, am hearing a name he said, turning to him he asked who is Ngwu? My friend filled with undying surprise said I am Ngwu, thats  my  surname he muttered, do you know the meaning and where the name came from he asked, my friend said it is my grand fathers name, the seer said to him you are Ngwu and Ngwu is presently you in soul and you are Ngwu in body, he started narrating the life Ngwu lived while in flesh which  will be a topic for another day.
The seer told him what to do to atorn for his short coming in his past life and finally told him that life is deeper than how deep  you think it could ever be. We keep coming and going, live well to live well in your next coming, for the body is doomed to die and the  soul lives forever.

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