13 Reasons Why A Woman Can Turn Down Your Proposal

 7. Family background: Ladies do engage in underground checkup and actually want to know the kind of home or family you came from. Just discovering that you came from a family that all the men in the family have several wives, including your dad or broken marriage are rampant in your family, this may cause her to refuse your proposal

 8. When you are a serial heartbreaker: When a lady knows that you have been in several relationships that didn’t work out. They may label you to be a serial heartbreaker and they will want to be very careful not to be a victim or to allow you to add them among those you have conquered.

 9. You lack decent dressing skills: Lack of adequate dressing skill, not knowing the color combination, or not attending to what you put on can cause her to refuse your proposal. it is true ladies are advised to go for the inner virtue but the container needs to be well kept. No matter how precious the content of a drink is if the bottle is dirty it must be washed before the content can be taken.

 10. If you are career bankrupt or visionless: If you are jobless and she notices you are carefree, you don’t make any attempt to get a job, and you don’t have a vision of where you are going. I doubt if she will like to join her destiny with yours because any figure multiply by zero will be zero.

 11. If you are mummy’s boy: When you are not a man of yourself, and she discovered that every vital decision of your life is been influenced by your mummy she may not want to the second wife because she already assumed you are already married to your mother

 12. She’s not ready: A lady may turn down your proposal if she still want to further her academic or if she knows that getting into relationship at that period may be a distraction to her.

13. She loves someone else: If she wants to be with someone else, she will not say ‘yes’ to your proposal. Maybe she was just enjoying the ride with you or she was waiting for the perfect moment to tell you goodbye but when she rejects you, it will all be clear

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