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Biafra: Nnamdi Kanu Abandoned Me In Prison Despite All The Risks I Took For Him

Sir, I was managing a small phone (Nokia Lumia 720, Which Benjamin Madubugo told you that DSS bought for me just to tarnish my image) for me not to be totally blacked-out on social media, but you gave the Warder N10,000 to come and collect my phone with the mindset that I’m an informant. Let me inform you that I know how you sent/pay inmates (ie John, Okechukwu, Kalo, Benjamin, David, Chibuike, Salusi, Samuel, Maduka, Eneka, Kenneth even warders and there is no way they will not feed you with lies just to maintain their stomach infrastructure) here to monitor me and make life miserable and unbearable for me. The worst of it all was that you told the cook to stop giving me food (From 10th May 2017 till date ), which means you have decided to make life miserable for me and which means that you want me to die in pain and agony here in prison. You want me to feel depressed and dejected here as you have passed your judgment without hearing from me.

Since you regained your freedom, you haven’t asked how I have been faring. You told the authorities not to pay attention to me anymore, to the extent that whenever I’m sick none of them will give me attention. On the said money which I was accused of, you knew that my name was not mentioned there, apart from the two times which I already explained to you. You know very well that I am not a signatory to any of our accounts in Biafraland . Why this hatred on me? Why me? Can you tell me my offense with evidence? Why am I being crucified for what others did even to the extent of telling boys that the best thing to do is kill Chidiebere Onwudiwe once he is released from prison?

You know that it was Bright Chimezie, Omiomio and others that controls the accounts in Biafraland , so tell me how I will get access to an account which I don’t have power of attorney in terms of being a signatory ? Remember how I begged you here in prison, how I have apologized, how I have pleaded for peace, how I have knelt down to the extent of being naked before to you just to prove my innocence to you though not that I’m guilty, but because of the love I have for Biafra, because of the sacrifice we have paid, because I remembered how my enemy said that I will suffer and now you have given them listening ears without hearing from my own side of the story.

I have already concluded that my help will not come from any man but God of hosts and I have promised myself to seek for justice and that I must get it by the special grace and mercy of Chukwu Okike Abiama. I want you to gather all those people who accused me and let all of us go to any shrine because I must prove myself guilty or not. Director Nnamdi Kanu, this may be my last word to you! I just want this to keep refreshing your memory. I will not die because nobody owns my life and note that I have endured enough from you and others. I am waiting for the proof against me and willing to swear. Please bear it in mind that a time shall come when you will seek for peace and I will be far gone, maybe even dead or far away from you.

Thank you, Sir, for the way you are treating and threatening me. God will judge everyone according to his deeds. Good day from here.

From Chidiebere Onwudiwe”ALSO READ: terrifying conditions of the Nigerian prisons 

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