Radio Biafra made me hate Christianity

I am called into the priesthood of Ezedibias, which at first I rejected, the experience intensified to an extent that I couldn’t withstand anymore, I have to give up and respond to them who called me.i do not know why I was chosen for I thought I am too young for such thing But I have come to understand that I am also to young to reason the way I do.
Them who sent me to war has equipped me. I have decided to take the calling which possibly by next year I will become a full time priest.

I am calling on my brothers who are under such calling to conform, for many of us have gone mad for resisting, some are in prison, some have died mysteriously while others are dying in abject poverty.

I call on all who have this calling to respond, we are the generation that will turn things around, things that had a bad name will have a good one because of us, we will upgrade crude and primitive measures to a state admirable in the sight of the whole world.

We will differentiate between superstition and reality.

We will go into spirituality like spirits, document facts and propel them to be thought in schools.

We will bring into existence things that have never been here.

We will create ideas that has no replica, we will do all these for it was why we are born and when we are gone, our traces will be left untouched forever.

I am Udummiri Nwakalu,called to be a priest, I don’t know about you.

As for wealth, I am expecting it any time soon.