Odeshi is a product of science,not mysticism nor juju.

Now science through researches have revealed that the there is a natural force responsible for the magnetic attractions,here in Africa a man makes a ring to do something unusual and unnatural instead of we Africans to work hard to understand what is really behind that magic., discover the kind of forces that made it possible and then harness it into something greater, you and me are busy talking about juju and other nonsense, how is it just not science?

At times when I hear people say that ODESHI is juju I laugh at them, It amuses me when our so called science students brag, what kind of science are they into when they can not yet explain the little mysteries around our environment?

If you are that kind of science student whose knowledge is limited within the pages of text books am sorry you are just a robot, you lack the ability to produce new informations.

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