Nollywood Actor Eucharia Aniobi Loses Son To Illness

In her evidence, she told the court how her husband beat her up several times, how he had refused to take care of their son, in spite of the latter’s health condition and how she had been the one footing the bills for the boy’s treatment since their relationship packed up.

The actress has, at different times, expressed her frustration and the burden that she has had to endure as a single parent. On one occasion, she told a national newspaper how she coped with the burden without any form of assistance from the father of late Raymond (her ex-husband).

“The Lord has been sustaining me as a single parent. I don’t think about it. All I know is that God created me and the child that He has given to me. So, God will provide whatever that I need,” she was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile many of Anunobi’s colleagues and fans have been condoling with her especially on social media.


Reacting to the passage of the son, Eucharia, according to NET, emotionally said he had gone to meet Jesus at whose feet they would eventually meet.


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