There Is No God in all Organised Religions

The atheists have always argued that without EVIDENCE, it’s impossible for God to be real.
They are right to some extent but evidence doesn’t apply in all cases. At times there are cases that that requires EXPERIENCE instead of evidence, there are also those which requires REASON.

For example, there is no physical evidence that PAIN is real if not EXPERIENCE, a man who hasn’t experienced pain for the first time will remain an unbeliever until the experience meets him, if he waits for EVIDENCE, he will have to wait forever.

Its obvious that EVIDENCE can not also apply in finding God when REASON has worked.

Take this example and understand the meaning of REASON : there were two brothers in a particular room, one of them left his phone there in the room and went outside.
On returning to the room, he noticed the phone is missing, so he accused the second person.
In this case he has no EVIDENCE that the accused took it but there is REASON.the fact that the accused Was The only one in that room at that time and the fact that the phone is an immovable mindless object is the REASON to believe that the accused really took it.

Now in the above example, you can realize how REASON has worked perfectly in place of EVIDENCE, this is the same way it has worked in the case God since we lack EVIDENCE.
There is no evidence to believe in God as the atheists say, but there are REASONS.

The fact that the world is not a product of an accident, the fact that the world cannot make itself nor can it make intelligent being as man, endowed with coded chemistry and self duplication abilities. The fact that something can not come out of nothing, the fact that we did not make ourselves is the REASON to believe that something we don’t yet know actually made us.

This is how the idea of God was born initially in the absence of the dupery know as religion.

To the theists, I don’t believe in the atheists I don’t disbelieve in God.
REASON gave birth to my God, not the Bible nor any other.

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