I Am Coming To Bring Light To Lagos

But Kanu, in his reaction, insisted that Freedom of Movement was part of his rights, adding that no threat can make him act otherwise. go to anywhere I want to go.

“I don’t listen to threats. They motivate me rather than dampen my spirit. That thing people say I cannot do is what I love to do. When the time comes I will go to Lagos if I have to go to Lagos.”

“Fani Kayode is my friend and he is in Lagos. If I try to visit him in Yoruba land, then I must see him in Lagos”, Kanu said.

Speaking on the breach of his bail conditions and possible arrest, Kanu said, “If you arrest me, Biafra will come even quicker than we anticipate. I am not afraid of being arrested.

“I have been there before and if need be I will also be there again. I will be very happy if they re-arrest me. If we are hoping for 90% compliance with the boycott of Anambra State Governorship election, my arrest will make the compliance 100 %.”

Source : Bounce news

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