Nigerian Doctors Are Competent To Handle Buhari’s Sickness – NMA States

“We are happy that the President is back. Based on his experience, we are saying he should come and replicate what he has seen in London, at least to take care of the masses. So, we expect him to replicate such within the next two years.”
According to the communique, “the NEC observed with dismay the continuous low budgetary allocation to health leading to declining health care service delivery in the country.

“The the NEC observed with dismay the worsening availability, distribution, development, and utilization of human resources for health within Nigeria’s health system and the increasing trend of brain drain especially affecting the already weakened man power base in the country.

“NEC calls on the government to implement the Abuja Declaration of at least 15 percent budgetary allocation to health and ensure timely release of funds with effect from 2018 budget and appealed to the National Assembly to fast track the passage of the bill on Residency Training Program (RTP) in Nigeria.

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“NEC calls for the improvement in Epidemic control, preparedness and establishment of more Infectious Disease Hospitals (IDH) through out the country, and that the government to intensify efforts to improve funding for immunization services and further strengthen the collaboration between government and non-governmental agencies,” NMA stated.

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