Does money ritual exist?, read this article first

Do money ritual exists?
Before I go into my sentiment, let’s first of all understand the term “money ritual” as used by Africans.
It can be explained in two ways : first, a spiritual sacrifice involving the blood and life of human to mystically generate money without working.
Secondly it can also be explained as a mystical means of helping an already fixed business excel – using mystical powers to promote a business or a job without involving the life of anyone.
The first explanation is the widely shared view on the term “money ritual”. Because this is the concept presented by the county movie industry and relative sources.
I do not wish to just debunk the belief merely because I don’t believe it does exist, but as an intelligent human we are, there are questions we need to ask about this topic and if we fail to provide their answers, then it will be meaning that we have been delusional for long.
These questions goes as follows:
1-If money ritual exists then why is Africa the poorest of continent?
2-why do we still have hungry murderers in our society?
3-why is the richest African man a business man and not a money ritualist?
4-why are the suspects of the crime paraded by the police always looking hungry and poor? Isn’t this an indication that these suspects are just organ traffickers?
5-Do you know that some robbers/cultists have murdered dozens of people in search of money, why didn’t they just kill one for the ritual and get rich?.
6-If money ritual exists, then the country’s recession wouldn’t be affecting us today because there will still be a lot of money in circulation since the money ritualists don’t rely on the economy to get money, don’t you think so?
7-then if it really exists, I mean if it really really really exists, there will be such thing as galloping inflation, such that will be greater than what we have today. Meaning that a lot of people will not longer really on occupation to make money, since they can mystically create money just by taking the life of another.
There will be so much money in circulation and an alarming decrease in production, even importation.
Money will be easily available but goods and services will be scarce.
Do you think Dangote will bother engaging in importation business since he can just use two or three heads of Igbo people to become a billionaire?
Well like I said, this post is not to create any arguments but if after reading this and you still think it does exist, then refute with reasons.
Happy new year to you all my friends.Difference between miracle and magic

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