How To Make A Man Beg For Your Love And Attention

If the boy asks for help with anything, then volunteer to help. Doing this will show him that you care.
Play slightly hard to get so that you can ensure that you have control. Don’t be clingy because he will get used to you being around all the time.
Find out what he likes and ask him about it. Seem interested in what he says and maintain the conversation.

Don’t be a phony. Be yourself and don’t change your personality once you start dating him. He likes you for who you are, not who you think he wants you to be. If he wants you to change, just forget about him. No guy is worth changing your whole personality. People should accept you for who you are, not for a mere “idealised image” of what they expect from you.

If you’re going to use these steps, do not play hard to get. This will leave him totally confused and he will only become more unsure. In fact, don’t play hard to get in the first place. The type of guys that like hard to get are normally not the type of guy you want to date. They don’t like you, they just like the challenge.


Some guys don’t like being winked at, or called “hun” because it makes them feel awkward. If it makes them feel weird, brush it off and make a mental note not to do it again.
Try not say anything bad about him or what he does. Things like that can be taken the wrong way and might lower his self esteem. He may even dislike you for it.

Be careful about flirting with someone who you think is shy. Taking a boy’s hand when he’s not expecting it can scare him…
Do not stalk him, get his number from someone else, or write him secret admirer notes. Doing those things will only scare him off.

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