How to make a guy love you forever


You have successfully gotten a boyfriend. All you need to know is how to keep him, and to do that you need a happy relationship. This tips will show you how.
1. KNOW YOUR BF: Know what he likes, because that is what
makes him feel necessary and special.
Make the first move once in a while.. statistics have shown that Girls who makes the first
move end up being the long lasting girlfriend, as it makes him feel more comfortable with getting closer. Don’t go too far with it,though. Play with getting closer; i.e. hold his hand, hug him, nuzzle up to him whenever he’s sitting beside you. If he doesn’t get it by then, fling your arms around him and just kiss him. This can be done as a major turn-on, or in a very sweet, loving, and innocent way.
2.PUBLICLY prove that he is yours: Go to the movies, go shopping, or go on any normal date. Be sure to kiss him often on the cheek, as a
sign to anyone that you are his. Just a sweet little kiss here and
then hold his hand a lot. Be confident and happy. No one likes Debbie downers. Just be happy that you’re with him, and show it! It will make him feel less worried and more free to be himself.
4. DO NOT flirt with other guys: I cannot express this enough! A
relationship is meant to be taken seriously, if you’re not in it to find
a potential mate then you shouldn’t be in it at all. Flirting with other guys can be perceived as emotional cheating; your boyfriend might not feel that he’s enough for you or particularly special to you. This
doesn’t mean completely exclude other guys, but tickling them,
hugging them, or calling them anything more than just a friend can potentially be hazardous to your relationship.
5.Don’t let him feel second-place to your other male friends: This goes along with the last step. You might have other male friends, of course, and you shouldn’t stop being friends with them. But if you find yourself spending more time with them than with your boyfriend, especially if it’s alone with them, reflect on if the situation was flip-flopped. Find ways to let him know you prefer spending time with him than with other guys, that he is more special to you than they are. If you find yourself remotely attracted to one of your male friends, it’s probably best to cut it clean with him, you don’t want this to destroy what you already have.
6.Do thoughtful, little things for him, to let him know he is special to you. Hold his hand when you are out walking, spontaneously tell
him you love him, randomly kiss his cheek, sticky note his car for
fun, leave him special little gifts, tag him in a status, etc. Every little thing that shows your affection makes him feel more secure.
7.Remember his birthday, your anniversary, things like that. This will let him know he is important to you. Listen to him, especially if he feels bad or if he needs your support.
Don’t shut him out or make him feel like he can’t talk to you or be
open with you. Give him support more than advice. Tell him you’re
there for him or that he is the best. Do not let him for once feel as if
you think of him as little. He is a person after all.
8.If you’re attracted to him sexually, and if you feel comfortable doing
so, you could consider initiating making love with him. Only do so if
you are definitely certain that he is in it for the long run. DO NOT
LET HIM TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! Many guys prefer casual sex,
this being said, I recommend that you wait.
Don’t ignore him if you’re with your friends and he’s around. Point blank. Ignoring him makes him insecure and feel like he could be BETTER.




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