FOR THE LADIES : HOW To Show A Guy You Love Him Without Losing Your Pride

Exchange looks in class. When the two of you are in the same class, look at him from wherever you’re sitting and when he looks back, turn away and blush. This sends him non-verbal information that you enjoy looking at him.
Do not stare. You want him to think you’re interested, not obsessed. Occasionally look his way, and if he isn’t biting, don’t sweat it. Send him a note or talk to him and see if he looks your way the next time.
When he turns to you, look him in the eyes and smile . Remember, if he catches you looking at him, that means that he was looking at you, which means he probably likes you. Score!
Always keep good eye contact when talking to him, even if he’s shy. Show him how pretty your eyes are, and how he makes your eyes smile with delight. Keeping good eye contact shows him he’s got your undivided attention, but also that you’re one confident gal.
Work in compliments . Be sincere about what you compliment, and don’t make it seem cheesy. The best compliments say something sweet about a person’s character.
When he gets a haircut, for example, ask him where he got it. If you tell him you like it, you’re saying that you like his style and paid attention enough to notice.
Try complimenting aspects of his personality. Tell him he was loyal not to snitch on his friend, or sweet for giving up his lunch. Going beyond surface-level compliments is important.

Try to work the compliment into a bigger conversation. If you just say, “I love your shoes,” he might not know how to react. Find a way to talk about shoes in general, and gradually let him know that you like his shoes more than his friend’s, which are just ugly.
Give him a gift . Give him something boyish and thoughtful. It might seem weird to give him a gift, but just pretend like you’re giving it to your best friend.
Whatever it is, make him think it wasn’t a big deal by saying something like: “I came across this and I thought about you.”
Don’t buy anything too extravagant or expensive. Get something small enough so that he won’t feel like he has to get you something in return.
Pick up an extra pack of gum, or that bottled juice that he always gets during recess. You might even get him a notebook or pens, especially if he always forgets them.
If you don’t mind asking him out, get him some tickets to a movie or sports event. Tell him, “I thought we could go together.”
Whatever gift you give, find out his interests first. You’ll want to get him something that he actually likes — something that shows you’re thinking about him and you like him for who he is.

Call him more regularly. Don’t call him every day and talk to him for hours, but don’t be afraid to take that next step and get to know him. Calling him is a sign that you’re serious about getting to know him better.
When you call him, find excuses to talk to him. Ask him what the homework was, what time the party is going to be, or what he knows about the latest cell phone. Be creative.
Talk about something weird that happened in school, or something interesting about his life. Listen well and be sure to pick up on the little details that he mentions. Use them to build on old conversations and to bring up new ones.


Exchange information and perspectives. This is your chance to get to know him, and his chance to get to know you. Talking on the phone can be enjoyable for boys if they feel funny and interesting doing it, so make sure to laugh at his jokes and sound excited.
If he’s not talkative, be sure to ask him lots of questions. Ask him what his parents do; where he grew up; what he wants to be later on; what his siblings are like; or where he wants to go on vacation. Asking question will help move along the conversation and tell him you’re interested.
Don’t keep him on the phone for a long time; he might have other stuff to do. Always maintain a little mystery about yourself. You want him to get to know you, but you also want to leave him curious about learning even more.
Mention to his friends that you like him. This is risky, because his friends may distort information or tease him (don’t worry, they’re jealous!), so you have to be careful about who you tell. But sooner or later, his friends will bring it up to him, and the ball will be in his court.

Use this as a kind of last resort. If all the above steps don’t work, consider telling his friends. Again, you will have little/no control over what his friends tell him.
Don’t tell his friends that you want them to pass it along. Just find a way to mention it to at least one of his friends — they’ll most likely do the rest.


If you really trust them, tell your friend to “accidentally” spill it to him. Because this is tough to do, have someone who is really casual do this. If they don’t do it casually, it can feel like you’re demanding him to make a decision about you. You want him to feel flattered, not caught in a corner.
Get a feel for where he’s at. You can try indirect flirting all you want, but it might not have an effect. Sometimes guys need you to spell things out really clearly.
Ask him to walk with you after class is done. If he says he doesn’t know, nudge a little more and say, “You’re going to leave me all by myself?” If he says he can’t, he’s not interested. If he says he can, try to flirt with him when you are walking together at the end of he day. If he says yes immediately, he’s definitely interested.
Ask him if he wants to be your date to a dance, especially if it’s Sadie Hawkins. If he says yes, plan what you want to wear together so that you can be color-coordinated.
Ask him if he’ll carry your heavy backpack for a little while. It doesn’t need to be all day, but tell him that it’s hurting your back and that he looks strong enough to carry it. If he says yes, he’s definitely into you and likes that you think he’s manly

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