Nnamdi Kanu

Do you know why the rainbow appears in the sky anywhere i go? – Kanu explains

“How many of you saw the sign at the heaven in owerri? They identified.

“The same sign appeared at ubuluisiuzor (ihiala, anambra,biafra land) a bigger one appeared here” (his father’s compound).

“Do you know the reason why chukwuokike abiama always show a sign in heaven anywhere I go to preach the gospel of biafra?” They replied NO!.

He continued “The reason why God shows a sign is for you to witness his power to tell your children and your children’s children that will tell their children that in this generation we witnessed the power of the most high God in manifestation in the liberation of biafra”.

“You are going to boost with the manifestation of the power of God that you are going to witness now in the generations to come”.

“you shall tell them in our time,it was in our time we witnessed the power of the most high in manifestation”.

“Chukwuokike abiama started IPOB in Jerusalem not me that’s why he always shows us a sign in heaven anwherewe we go to preach the gospel,to tell us that he is with us and also to tell us that what we are doing here is also done in heaven”

“Biafra is the kingdom of God on earth”

“Chukwuokike abiama told me ‘you will be a family and with this family I will demonstrate my power’ that is were IPOB began”.Also read Igbo people declares Nnamdi Kanu thier own Jesus 

“Are you not witnessing the power of God at work?”They replied yes!..

“IPOB is one big indestructible family, if you stand in our way,you fall,you die”

“I am not afriad of any man born of a woman”

“Biafra must come”

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  1. valentine ugorji

    Comment:All that you see I’d mudrocks, there is how God operates, He don’t BMO in one way, He operates in divers ways, so nnamdi kanu is using mystical powers to operate but very soon it will fail him, because every charm has an expiring date

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