indonesian authority admits kiliing an innocent nigerian

Indonasian Authority admits killing an innocent Nigerian who was recently arraigned for drug related charges

This corroborates Eleweke’s claim, before his execution alongside three others, that they were marked for death because they “are black people”.

“The Indonesian government just hate us, they want to kill us because we are black,” Eleweke had said.

Ninik said the execution of Eleweke did not comply with regulations. The execution took place while the convict was seeking clemency, she said.

Indonesia’s 2002 law on clemency stipulates that the execution of those seeking clemency cannot be carried out before the issuance of a presidential decree in relation to the appeal.

Another sign of maladministration, Ninik said, was that the Supreme Court was guilty of discrimination by rejecting a case review appeal filed by Eleweke without “a proper explanation”.

Eleweke was one of four drug convicts executed on July 29 last year, along with countryman Michael Titus Igweh, Indonesian Freddy Budiman and Senegalese Seck Osmane.

Attorney-General Muhammad Prasetyo said earlier this year that the government was mulling over carrying out a fourth batch of executions under the administration of President Joko Widodo.

Widodo refused to grant clemency to Eleweke and others despite appeals from the international community.