Igbo man

what Igbo people actually what in Nigeria

The Igbo man is not asking to become Nigeria’s president. No. He knows it’s useless, as he would not be allowed to function in his full capacity, for fear he might loosen the grip of the power brokers from the National cake (crude oil et al).

The Igbo man does not want to belong to a restructured Nigeria, because he knows it’s a joke that will never come to pass. He knows Nigeria is feeding a very powerful entity who would rather die than see power go back to the regions.

The Igbo man is self-aware. He believes that Nigeria (as presently) constituted is dragging his people backwards. He knows that in a separate country of his own, that he can fish out the leaders who have misrepresented us, and hold them accountable for their betrayal to Ndị IGBO. He is patiently waiting for an Igbo revolution. For Ndị Igbo. By Ndị Igbo. And against Igbo vultures.

The Igbo man is irritated by the comfort and cowardice which is exhibited by Nigerians in the face of our delapidating humanity. The Igbo man wants to lead Africa out of the wilderness. And this he must do by first secluding himself and weeding the bad eggs. This he must do by having BIAFRA (or an Exclusive Igbo Nation).

source: Chuka Nduneseokwu

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