Igbo history from an unbiblical perspective

There has been several articles that I have red concerning the origin of the igbo people. With majority of them pointing at the same thing (Bible) as the possible answer.however ,it has been my intention to publish my opinion about the subject regardless of the difficulties that would be confronting the move (challenge or insult).

May I bring to the attention of all that the writers of these similar articles /books are mostly men and women of either the Christian or the Jewish faith respectively. Which is the very reason their books /articles are flooded with Bible references, except for few who go by logic.

And that raises the questions:cant our history stand apart from the very book Which has rendered our race brainless?. Can’t we have a history that is independent on religion, Bible or it’s God?, why have we forgone logic over myths?.

At this point in time I would have to proceed to attack the popular notion that the igbo people migrated from the Mideast(present isreal). I will attack it not with a different story but with logic or may I say rationality.
And I go below :

May I again bring to the notice of all that igbos are naturally not just ONE igbo people, for they are separable not only by language but even by culture.
There is a general igbo language so there are distinct igbo languages.
There are general igbo cultures as well as distinct separable igbo cultures.
The igbo language varies from one igbo location to another so does the culture. Even the general igbo language known as IGBO NZUGBE (central igbo) was created when the igbos from distinct igbo languages started migrating to urban igbo settlements probably for commerce.
The dominant igbo languages mainly Anambara, imo, and slightly enugu Language took advantage of the situation to become widely used as it is today.

It is based on these indisputable reasons that I have come to the conclusion that any attempt to craft the igbo history into one account should be termed a “myopic generalization”.

Like I said before, am not writing to attack the isreal-biafra migration story with a different story but with logic.
As the language and culture vary from one igbo village to another, so does the the history. For example, the people of Awka has a different story when it comes to history, so does the people of agulu, nnewi, nnokwa and so on.

Since the history changes from one village to another, isn’t it evident that the igbo people were originally separate people who met and saw that they have so much in common and agreed to merge as one which they appear to be today. This is the reason I earlier stated that if the biblical isreal-biafra migration even took place, then it could be only a section of the igbo people that partook in the migration while others were either originally here or might have as well migrated from else where.

I believe with these few points that I am able to convince someone that Eri is possibly the founder of Agulu -Eri and not the founder of the whole igbo people. My own village in particular doesn’t even know that Eri exist when it comes to their history.

If you believe you are of the section of the igbos which migrated from the Mideast that’s fine but respect our opinion when we insinuate we are not part of that migration.