How To Identify A Fake Girlfriend

1:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND will never call you except flashing, the highest she can ever do is to flash you,
2:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND always complain unnecessarily over little things.
3:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND only play and smile with you when you gave her money or when she wants to collect money from you.
4: A FAKE GIRLFRIEND doesn’t discuss a marriage plan with you
5: A FAKE GIRLFRIEND doesn’t assist her guy in any way,she is only interesting in the money she collected from the guy
6:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND doesn’t discuss with you about how to plan your future life
7:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND doesn’t advice you
8:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND will never visited you unless you promise to give her some money
9:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND tell lies about herself,she will never tell the truth about her movement
10:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND disrespect her guy ,she talked to her guy any how taking advantage of the love of her guy
11:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND has others men she is dating,she will never allow you to check her phone.sometimes she has many phone,she will never bring her main phone to your house whenever she visited you
12:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND will never introduce you to her real parents, the highest she can do is to introduce you to her sisters, brothers or fellow girls like her, those will call you FOOL at your back,
13:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND will never send you a airtime whenever you ask her,even if you are trying her,
14:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND send her nude photos to others men
15:A FAKE GIRLFRIEND will leave you whenever you are broke
Guys run for your life,went u see them, (True or False) be Sincere. READ ALSO how to prove to a girl that you love her

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