How to know when you are falling in love

6. He’s the “something good” you think about when everything else is really rough. Work is driving you crazy, but at least you’ve got him to cheer you up when you get home.

7. You feel safe when you’re around him. It’s hard to describe this feeling, but it really is the best thing in the world. Like nothing bad can happen.

8. You’re comfortable enough around him to make bad jokes and be your fully weird self. You might’ve been trying to impress him before, but now you’re cool to hum around the kitchen and wear your pants tucked into your socks when he comes over. 

9You keep seeing things out in public that you know he’d love. Stuff you used to walk by every day suddenly has David’s name all over it.

10. He’s your person. When something really good or really bad happens, he’s who you go to first.

11. You’re not worried about “scaring him off.” You’re comfortable enough to cry in front of him or show him huge, slightly embarrassing collection of Beanie Babies (that you swear could be worth a fortune one day), because you feel secure that he’s not going anywhere at the drop of a hat.

12.  Little things, like going to the grocery store, are better when he’s around. A walk down the cereal aisle can be a very romantic date if you’re with the right person.

13. He annoys the hell out of you, but you still want to be around him. “I love you, but I don’t like you right now,” is something you’re almost ready to say. ALSO READ WHY YOU SHOULD NEVER TRUST A VIRGIN 

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