How Christianity has divided the modern day  igbo people. 

They never wish we unite for if we do, we will escape from their control.

And to achieve that very plan of theirs have been using the Bible since the era of slavery. 

Why must we continue to let this book divide us?

How can we unite when you see me as unbeliever instead of seeing me as your brother? 

Christianity is the cause,it is for even the Bible Qoated “if anyone comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters -yes, even their own life -such a person cannot be my disciple”(luke14:26).

Christianity is the cause. From the family basis starts the disunity, which has grown to the societal  level. 

Your family is no longer your family, your society is no longer yours as long as its members don’t share your faith, even if they do, they must share your denomination to be approved. 

“I am Catholic ,I know God more than everyone else ” so says the members of other denominations while non Christians are relegated to the carpet level. 

Christianity is the cause, the cause of the needles religious conflicts distracting us from the the main battle against our common oppressors. 

Beyond the inter-denominational  comes the inter- religious. You claim you know God better than everyone else why the Moslems claim so too and are ready to murder you to prove it. 

The Christians says it’s peace, the Moslems says it’s war and when they strike,the inter-denominal hatred wouldn’t let you unite and defend, even the Bible discourage defence!. 

It said “the battle is not of the flesh but of the spirit ”

I have never seen you defend whenever they attack, where is the powers you flaunt in the presence of non-Christian igbos like me?. 

As harmless as I am, you still consider me a threat just for not buying your beliefs. 

Isn’t Christianity the cause?

By Udummiri nwakalu 

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  1. chukwuma

    Udummiri Jisie Ike I am 200%with u on this Christianity told his followers that if your enemy kills your he will carry all your sins you go to heaven he will go to hell while Islam said it u kill and unbelievers you will go to heaven while the unbeliever will go to hell. Our mumu don too much

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