Heaven and Hell dont really exist

The promise of heaven satisfy the mind Willing to conform, the fear of hell terrify that which tend to deviate and the two opposite forces barricading the mind away from reality, faith being the catalyst.
It’s upon these twin pillars that the whole delusion rest upon feeding your mind with vain hope and unnecessary fear. I have never seen the God’s hell, neither have you, nor have the dead through mysticism revealed it. What evidence have I to believe? I have no reason either to conclude it exists but you insist it does, I have no choice to believe you for I know it really exist in the imagination of a fool and in the book Which made him foolish(bible).

It’s shameful how you fear the unseen hell this much, burning in the the seen one unaware.
How horrible can hell be more than our conditions? Do you know what hell really is?, hell is that bad roads that has killed thousands, hell is that court which has no justice for the oppressed, hell is that prison containing thousands of innocent people,what can be more hell than the lack of good drinking water?, a people without a reliable electricity supply is in hell, hell is created when the army and the police had become the terrorists, a generation without knowledge is in hell, what can be more hell than the civil wars across Africa?. All of these you worry not about but terrified by a mare imagination of supposed everlasting flame that exists not.

When I behold China I see no hell, when I see America I see heaven, in London hell died, there is no hell in Japan, show me hell in Germany, I want to see hell there. Loosen yourselves from this delusion, your ignorance has created enough hell.
Hell is real in Africa let’s quench it, ignorance ignited it, knowledge will extinguish it, drop this deceiving devilish books(bible,torah and Koran) and embrace knowledge for your ignorance is rooted in them.
When your enemy win, he either has better weapons or better tactics, they have libraries you have bibles, they have laboratories you have churches, they have science you have prayers, they invest in researching you invest in tithes. And at the end they have knowledge you you swim in ignorance.then when they invent, you buy. From the researches, they find. through the tithes, you loose.through science they are saved, through prayers you perish. At the end they build their heaven here on earth while you ignorantly fuel the already made hell they created for you.ALSO READ : The difference between miracle and magic  
:Udummiri Nwakalu