Why Poor Guys Are mostly Nice to women

He knows your respect is fake, it is due to the money he gives you and when the money is gone so will your respect. So he keeps working hard to feed your greed, never having time for you and the children. He shouts you down when you talk because you do not have solution to his problems, you rather create more. He believes you are a dummy upstairs.

He only married you because you are beautiful, wants you to be his permanent sexual partner and raise his children, no more. Your emotional needs and problems are not his concern. All you need is money and he has given you in abundance. Many women are weeping daily in such marriages! Their greed and lust for money has put them in a permanent dungeon of pain, regret and sorrow!

These women had opportunities to pick the right men for their lives but they were too proud, too selective, too pompous to pick a man they will start life with. Better marry a man who sees you as his mate than a piece of property!
Marry someone who sees you as his friend. Marry someone who values your words and respects you because you add value to his life. Marry someone at your level. Don’t look for someone beyond your reach. Marry a man who will listen to you, value you, respect you and let you contribute to his life.

A virtuous woman is not indolent. She is not lazying around looking for who to rescue her. She is smart, sharp, intelligent, hardworking, generous and a great contributor to her man’s success.

Don’t be a liability. Be a blessing. Be a hard worker. Let God direct you to your man. Stand by him, work with him, encourage him, motivate him, pray for him and be a part of his success. When he becomes great and successful, he will give you all the honour, respect and love you deserve because he knows you were in his life to give and not just to take. Without you by his side, he wouldn’t have become so wealthy and successful. He knows you are the reason behind his smile. You are his gold and he would never let you go. Behind every
successful man, is a virtuous woman and that virtuous woman is you.ALSO READ : SIGNS THAT HE IS JUST A GOOD FRIEND BUT MAY NOT BE A GOOD BOYFRIEND 

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  1. Honeypot

    This is very funny, especially because some women who dedicated their lives to building their man were left by the wayside while they picked their choice women, by the way what gives you the idea that the so called rich men were not also helped and built by other women. A poor man is good because that is all that he has to offer, let him just make money and you’ll see other sides of him, go and look for money Poster you sounded really bitter am sure the greatest love of your life left you for someone Rich.

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