Kanu visits ebube monso

Ebube Monso Advises Kanu: Read What He Said

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The cleric expressed support for the restructuring of Nigeria, and criticised the inequity in distribution of the nation’s wealth at the detriment of some sections of the country. “In our country Nigeria, it is certain that there is marginalisation, nepotism and tribalism. “We are one Nigeria but some people are being marginalised and that is why we have all these agitations but in everything, let there be prudence as we also pray for divine intervention. “Igbos are clamouring for Biafra but an average Igbo man is selfish in nature and the question is, how matured are we to handle our affairs. “Where are the Igbo cabals and stakeholders; like Nnia Nwodo, Peter Obi, Emeka Anyaoku, Ifeanyi Ubah, Prof Charles Soludo, Emmanuel Iwuanwaywu, and many others. “There has to be a unifying umbrella where they will gather and register their protest,” he said. He thanked God for President Muhammadu Buhari’s safe return and quick recovery, and called on him to look into agitations bedeviling the nation and mindless killings. “We thank God for Buhari’s return and the entire ministry has been praying for his safe return. “Nobody will wish a fellow human being dead but the president should know that Nigerians love him, ” he said.

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