Are You Depressed Because You Don’t Have A Girlfriend? – You Need To Read This


As you become an expert, your confidence will increase. Confidence is se..xy, as long as it doesn’t flip into cockiness, which it won’t if it’s true confidence based on several years of hard work.
While you’re doing that, also work on your grooming. Learn how to dress well, and make sure you’re taking care of yourself. If you become a well-groomed, confident, kind, generous, expert, you will not wind up single. I promise you won’t. (But don’t take that to mean you’ll instantly attract a girlfriend the day you decide to follow this advice — or three months after you start. Be in it for the long-haul.)
One more thing: you sound young. Forgive me if I’m off-base, and ignore the rest of this if you’re 40 years old.
If you’re in your 20s, that means the women around you are mostly that age, too. In other words, they are girls–or girls transitioning into young women. Girls are immature.
I don’t mean to sound sexist. Boys are just as immature. Or, to be more charitable and tautological, young people are … young. There are some exceptionally mature young people, but most people act their age.
Young men tend to have superficial tastes in women (whether or not that’s true of you). Young women tend to have superficial tastes in men. It takes time to learn what to look for in a partner, and young people tend to be overly influenced by trends and “images.”
If you pay attention and keep your bitterness at bay, you will notice the women around you start to change their values at around 25. By that time, they’ve already dated the bad-boy biker and/or the captain of the football team and they’re ready for some more depth.
The problem is, by this time, many “sensitive guys” (and the same is true for “sensitive girls”) have become so bitter by being rejected in high school and college, they’ve formed negative opinions of the opposite xx (or of themselves) that stay with them for life. Be patient, and try to not let that happen to you.
I grew up around nerds, misfits, outcasts, and the types of guys who couldn’t get girlfriends. 95% of them are now married or in serious, long-term relationships. The ones who aren’t tend to have social issues: they don’t groom themselves and/or have impossible personalities.

Most of the coupled guys (myself included) aren’t traditionally good looking, athletic, or wildly successful. But they are all confident in some field or other, and they’re all caring, funny, and generous.
* Do these girls all know about each other? Do you have a reputation of asking out every girl you meet? That’s a turn-off.
Be patient, its gonna be fine

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