How to build a successful marriage/relationship

4. Endurance:

When we talk about love, wealth is needed to strengthen/sustain it, but love supersedes all which the Bible also affirms.

Love endures and for that, happiness should be built on nothing else than love.

Change is very essential in humans existence so, the wealth may not be stable, hard times will definitely come but with endurance the key to successful marriage/relationship is guaranteed, remember no matter how cloudy it may be there will always be a silver linen.

Enjoy together and also suffer together with joy.

5. Fidelity:

Fidelity is the act of being faithful to one’s spouse or s3xual partner. It is important to note that striving to be faithful to one’s spouse is the beginning of of happiness in any marriage/relationship. It might not be easy to be faithful to a single person for along time but it is very important to try all best possible to be faithful to him/her.

It is important for a man to know that if his wife/fiancee is not happy to due to his infidelity or something else then things cannot move well, and the biggest thing that makes a woman happy is to have faith in her man that he is the only man for her and no one else.

6. Be proud of him/her always:

No matter the condition that may arise be proud of your man/woman. Being proud of one’s spouse breeds happiness among the two and it also raise up the level of confidence among them.


7. Never reveal sensitive information:

The sensitive affairs of your marriage must always be padlocked that no one else could hear (not even a close friend).

When i say sensitive information, it includes the negative(s) and se..xual affairs with your spouse, never reveal it to anyone.

When you mistakenly open it to someone else then your marriage/relationship is exposed to danger, remember human being can do anything to get whatever they want, the sexual difficulties you have may be the solution to a friend’s problem or someone close to the person you reveal the secret to which the person you told might also tell.

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