Breaking news: Police arrests IPOB members again. 

I became enraged and stood in front and told them that it will not happen because we have not committed any crime. They security started beating us to the extend of pulling their sword to kill me. When they were beating us we remained peaceful and didn’t fight back. When they were through with the beating and toture they took us and luckily one of us escaped and they only arrested only three of us. They paraded us before the deputy rector of the institution and they asked us our mission. we told them what we came for which is BIAFRA evangelism. 
They Chief security officer who is Yoruba man accused us of causing havoc in the school and that we were inciting violence to the students. The man incharge told the security to beat one of us again and they security beat him macilessly after the interrogation by the school authority they called the police and they came and took us to the NEKEDE POLICE station and put us behind bars.  After wards the State Cordinator and Owerri Zonal Cordinator came to our rescue and secured our bail unconditionally following the order of our supreme leader Mazi NNAMDI KANU. ALL HAIL BIAFRA!!! 

The arrest has made us more strong and resolute. It has given us more reason to fight tirelessly untill Biafra is restored. We thank our  leader  Mazi NNAMDI KANU for making sure we were released unconditionally”

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