How to become a successful yahoo boy

Internet fraud popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo today, has become the common source of income among unemployed Nigerian youths .
Yahoo can be defined as a situation where one lures a a foreign victim into love using a fake and deceiving Facebook account.
The deception grows into a stage where the victim has to begin gifting his or her wealth to the fake lover out of trust,and this wealth usually in money form if converted into local currency expands into millions.
This business has over many years distributed massive wealth among among many jobless and hopeless Nigerians,and as a result has reduced armed robbery rate and other related crimes.
However my aim of writing this piece is to educate those involved on how to stay safe from the criminal Nigerian police who has made it their  priority to hunt down the creative yahoo boys who are making ways where they are no ways,while  leaving behind to the corrupt politicians who on regular basis loot dry the country’s massive wealth meant for the betterment of our conditions.
Its due to their looting that the massive unemployment was born in the first place. Isn’t it this very unemployment that gave birth to such thing as Yahoo in the first place?
The surest way to eradicate malaria I believe is by making the entire human environment unbearable for mosquitoes,which is the destruction of its root cause in another explanation.the application of insecticides or the use of mosquito nets can only bring about temporary solutions.
In the same vain, the surest way to eradicate the illegal business (yahoo) is by making the entire African environment unbearable for corrupt politicians through the efforts of the police and other related bodies. Its never by arresting the helpless youths who have lost hope in the government and have resulted to this means as a means of surviving the unbearable conditions they have the subjected to by the corrupt politicians. This will in turn give way for the creation of alternative Jobs for the hopeless citizens.
These political criminals loot away our resources while the boys specialize in bringing them back home.
In summary I hold unemployment responsible for the increasing fraud, eradication of unemployment is certainly the eradication of yahoo yahoo. Thank you sir
Bellow are are simple tips on how to stay safe in Nigeria as a yahoo boy.
(1)-Avoid the use of flashy cars : As a young guy exposed to sudden millions probably for the first time, comporting one’s self in such situation is the hardest thing to do.The thought to begin to engage in heavy luxury begins to pop up overwhelmingly.
The first thing the police consider on sighting a flashy car is the age of the owner.its your age compared to the cost of the car that is first calculated by the uniform men.This compels them to interrogate you,and such interrogation could lead to newer developments if you don’t defend yourself properly.
(2)-Check your dressing: many Yahoo boys arrested over the years have one thing in common-OVER DRESSING. Overdressing in this context implies the use of expensive shoes,watches,clothes in rugged shapes, tattoos and keeping of shaggy hairs.
In this part of the world, this combination makes one appear rough and irresponsible.
This is the common dressing pattern of many Yahoo boys encountered by the police in the past.Its so due to the millions they have been exposed to and as a result are tempted into th luxurious lifestyle.
Learn to be a rich man in rags.
(3)-Avoid the pressure of social Media: Stop flaunting your accomplishments of Facebook, stop showing off the currencies as you expose your vital information to the public. Such act is not only stupid but also childish.
(4)-Lastly, invest in profitable businesses aside hotels and residential buildings: Invest in something you can call an occupation when you are under interrogation.
Yes,you have a car,hotels,buildings and so on but what exactly do you do for a living if you are asked?,your primary source of income, your occupation. How did you get the money you used in setting up all of those visible investments?. If you cannot provide the answer to such question, consider yourself dead meat.have something you can call an occupation then.
Well I am not a yahoo boy neither am I a corrupt politician, but I rather side the Yahoo boys who bring back home many goodies from overseas than side the corrupt politicians who loot away the little we have.

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