Why We Are Anti-christ

One outstanding fact about our religious oppressors is that they study astrology, which implies that the can foresee human existence in nearest future using celestial bodies, how things will eventually turn out to be, they know that a time will come when Africa and Africans will be emancipated from their religious lies and deceit to unequivocally question the falsehood coated in their religious teachings.

Am sure they know that  an era like this will be borne, they are aware, that surely we will rise and never to fall again, they are also took notice that we will stand tall and strong to question the illogical biblical fairy tales that have cowed our ingenuity of been spiritual human beings. They also know that we will in time send their bible back to them and embrace the love of nature and spirituality which originally comes from the soul.

Their knowledge of what is certain to happen brought about Anti-Christ  which literally means against the teaching of Christ. Just to make sure we remain their earthly slaves. If doing away with the religious practice of our invaders whom raped and killed our ancestors is been an Anti-CHRIST, then reasoning and logic must prevail, because he who conquers you, rewrites your history to demean your roots and make you abhor your heritage and further subjugate you to eternal slavery.

It is deeply sad that they brainwashed our mothers, now they have succeeded in  totally brainwashing  a generation. It is no longer truth but this is the glaring fact that late chinuelomogu Achebe saw when he wrote things fall apart.
Time for emancipation is here, because great rising Africans can now assimilated the voice and gospel of our assassinated heroes the likes of Fela kuti, Bob Marley, 2pac and lucky dube and the voices of our dead ancestors.

If been free from the religious shackles of our invaders makes us Antichrist and urges you to throw a thorn at your brother, just know that you are not part of the problem but wholely and solely the problem
Am an Antichrist
Am anti falsehood and guile embossed in christology. For more relative articles subscribe or like our Page.

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