Amadioha was a creation of man not a god as it is called in english

The English language clearly has no word for alusi, so they ended it up with the word “god” .
All of these things we call gods in English were never called or seen as god in igbo or any other African language.

There is such thing as “traditional religion”.

Tradition is tradition, religion is religion.

The followers of traditions are called TRADITIONALISTS and the followers of religion are called FUNDAMENTALISTS.

There is also no such thing as “Amadioha the god of thunder”.

It is simply Amadioha and not a God.
In igbo language, its simply called Amadioha,Those who in invented the English phrase “the god of thunder ” to attach to the name are the reason many of our people are miseducated today.

I repeat, it is simply Amadioha and not the god of anything. Stop allowing English to misdirect your perspective.try translating the phrase “Amadioha the God of thunder” into Igbo language, and see how shamefully you will fail.

Debate with Udummiri Nwakalu.