Agwu is not an evil spirit but an agent of nature. 

“Natural spirituality” is a product of  nature, while  “artificial spirituality” was created for the satisfaction of man’s spiritual needs and never  a way of approaching the assumed supernatural being as widely thought.
Ignore those  books which  teaches that the igbos have or once had a religion before the the advent of Christianity, for me I think such books are founded upon the ignorance of those who cannot differentiate between religion and spirituality. 
There are inexplicable spiritual occurrences  that takes place naturally in man’s live depending on the culture of people involved. 
Those natural occurrences are what I  refer to as “natural spirituality” while those which man brought upon himself is what I refer to as artificial spirituality. 
I shall be discussing about the natural in this article and example of them is the Agwu  interference in the  human health and endeavour. 
The origin  of  Agwu sickness  is not really know thus we have to believe it’s as natural as malaria.
  I have sailed across several google articles about this topic (agwu) and have found several garbage ignorant people put out there all the name of educating others. 
Imagine that some of these writers describe AGWU as a “god”,what an ignorance!

PAIN  is an experience,MADNESS is an experience, HALLUCINATION is an experience, SICKNESS is  an experience too and the list continues.i call them experience because they are things you can feel, witness but can’t see, instead you see their effects. 
In the same vain, AGWU is an experience, the difference is that it has no English name yet, simply because it doesn’t occur to the English people therefore cannot have an English name. 
Saying that AGWU is a god is like saying that sickness or pain is a god too. 
Though the cause of the agwu is actually spiritual, but The agwu itself to the victim is an experience,more like a sickness.the victim is a patient to a spiritualist just like a cancer patient is to a medical doctor.  
Now can you understand how these ignorant writers are miseducating people?.
I believe in several years to come, I will be able to come out with a book to correct these errors.
The difference between AGWU and IBA (malaria),is that AGWU  is caused by the inexplicable supernatural while IBA  is caused by natural factors. 
But there is a similarity – they are both EXPERIENCES.


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  1. Tigerwest

    Udummiri, I do not totally agree to your submission. But in all honesty, I appreciate your zeal and resilience. Dig deeper, search harder, know more, write better. Kudos

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