8 Things Poor People Need To Understand About Poverty

COMPANY: You should understand that your company defines your success status, you can’t walk with people that are used to failure lifestyle and make success, because success is a strange life to them, the reason the rich is always separated from the poor is because their mentality and sight to see things are different one is low one is high.

MINDSET: You need to have the mindset of nothing is impossible to achieve, do you know that God created you as Himself? So if anything is not impossible for God not you because you are God’s own image and likeness and His ability is in you.

EXCUSES: The number one reason for poverty is making excuses why you are who you are, I want you to know that if your parents are poor it not your fault but if you end up poor it’s your fault, because the richest men in the world today came from a humble home as you, so don’t create excuses instead create a reason you must achieve what you want to become.

FAMILY PLANNING: Many people are not always looking to this direction, do you know that the fewer kids you have, the more richer you will be, because all around the world, the cost of living is higher as the day goes by, study from the rich they don’t give birth that much that is why they are whom they are.

SELF DEPENDENT: Don’t cast your burden on someone else, because that is the attitude of a failure, reaching for everyone to help, no one will help when you are down, people only help those who are solution to their problems, so start up something no matter how little.

MANAGEMENT: Always learn to manage the little you have and understand that, it is N20 into 5 that’s makes N100 don’t look down on any denomination of currency in as much it is a recognized currency, spend wisely and save Very Wisely.

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