8 Signs That Your Man Will Start Cheating on You Soon – Ladies Read

The trouble is that out of desperation, you might trying to rationalize his bad behavior. You might try to convince yourself that he’s actually not that bad even though he really is. You might try to justify his rude character and personality. Don’t. You should not dare make that mistake. Hold on to your pride and dignity and demand to be treated better. If he refuses to oblige, then just walk away. Don’t try to force the issue with him any longer. Take a stand and you will come out better and stronger because of it. Here are a few ways that your man is actually really toxic even when you think he isn’t.
1. He flirts with other girls.
2. He calls you crazy.
3. He doesn’t handle his alcohol well.
4. He makes you cry on a constant basis.
5. He has crazy fits of jealousy.
6. He tells you how to dress.
He shouldn’t be taking away your freedom
7. He forces you into sex even when you’re not in the mood.
8. He uses you as an emotional punching bag.
9. He lies to you.

You deserve complete honesty in the relationship. No compromises there. If he’s lying to you, then that means he doesn’t respect you enough to think that you deserve the truth in the relationship. He shouldn’t be lying to you just because he doesn’t want to face the consequences of the truth. He should be man enough

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