7 Ways To Notice A Fake Pastor – Pray Against Number 4

You see how these fake prophets would have ruined relationships?

I have a friend, Ivi who used to live in Naija as the wife of a rich man with their 5 kids. When she met her husband, he did not have 3 shirts sef but with my friend’s hard work and connections, he got a job in a multinational and rose steadily. All was well with them till he followed his friend to a church where he was told that his wife was a witch and was against his prosperity. Never mind that it was this his wife that used her connections to get him a job. He started giving ALL his salary to the church and soon moved out of the home to go and live in the church. He told my friend he NEVER wanted to see her and their kids again. After about a year or two of begging him, she took her kids to her mum then came to England to do gburu.


She was able to save money over the course of a few years to bring her children to England. She is doing well now and her eldest kids are in Uni. Guess what? Some years ago, her husband started begging and asking for them to get back together. He had lost his job and then the church turned their back on him and like the prodigal son, he thought he would come back to my friend. My friend had spent so many years fasting and praying for the restoration of her marriage and when nothing changed, she moved on with her life. It was when she moved on that he came to his senses. It was too late. She tried to have him back but all she felt was irritation. She had to tell him she did not want the marriage again. Like my D.I, my mum used to say, ‘had I known is the brother of Mr Toolate’.

Please be careful of these churches that tell you that your loved one is your enemy. Be careful and fear them. They have been known to wreck loving relationships an families. The best thing to do is to not even start paying them any heed. People who started it have been known to have gotten sucked into a dark vortex of fear and financial ruin.

Written by Olu Bunmi

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