5 Reasons Girls Dont Reply Messages On Facebook And WhatsApp

Have you ever sent a message to a girl on Facebook and she never replied?.or have ever sent it and it took a week or more to reply?.has it happened often to you?,do you ever wondered why its always so? Now read this:
1.Law of demand and supply: Most men are desperate and they keep hitting on girls. For every girl there would be at least 20 -25 men at any point in time messaging her through different channels – watsapp, FB, insta, quora .. Though it is annoying for the girls, they know that they are gaining attention. Even if you are a genuine fellow and want to forge a friendship / relationship you will be treated like shit. She would not reply or she may think that you are not interesting enough cos some other monkey is doing more interesting stuff to attract her attention.
2. Keep your self respect intact:
Don’t put her on pedestal and keep nagging her. Do your stuff and move on. Treat them like an ordinary human being. They will recognize you if you are good. The moment you make any effort they think you are desperate. Nothing wrong about it cos it’s hard for them to differentiate between nice guys and jerks
3. Dont ever disturb her again: If she stops replying don’t beg her for attention. Trust me no one is ever busy that they cant reply to a text for an entire day. Every one roams around with their mobile all the time.
So understand that she doesn’t give a damn if you haven’t gotten any reply for a few hours. Move on and do some useful stuff.
4. if all you jerks stop fooling around and stop giving them undue attention, women will be happy as well as be grounded. They will recognize the genuine fellows and perhaps even make their first move.
5. Girls are not mystery creatures. All of us guys made them one and we try to research them all our life. May be there is a pleasure in that, but it doesn’t makeRELATED : HOW TO GET AGIRLFRIEND ON   FACEBOOK 

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