5 easiest and fastest ways to grow a Facebook group

How to make a great Facebook group
Having a great Facebook group is one of the most enviable achievements as a facebooker.
It gives one the feeling of a dictator as an admin who dictates what should and what should not be posted.
The members abide by your rules.
It gives you or the members access to a large audience.
creating a group is simple but making your group grow is the big deal.
But as a master who earns a living through that platform I have come up with the easiest and most fastest ways to make a group grow.
STEP 1:,Create the group and make it public. Depending on the purpose of creating it.
NOTE : Making a group public allows trending posts to be shared widely, bringing the post along with the group to the view of non members. Many new non-members joined my groups through this tactic.
STEP2: Make sure you set the target tags, for example if you are creating a relationship group, use related tags as RELATIONSHIP, LOVE, SEX, DATING and so on.
This enables your group to rank higher on Facebook search engine whenever a searcher uses any of the tags in the search box.
STEP4: look for big groups, reach an agreement with the group admins, you are to begin sharing your group link along with interesting stories that attract pity or laughter.
Just like other links, Facebook will display your group cover picture under the texts which compels many readers into clicking on the link and finally landing on the JOIN GROUP button of your own group.
Thousands of people are likely to join your group on daily basis through this method depending on the consistency of your labor in the big group.
STEP 5: Link your group to big groups and pages, once this is done, your group appears across the time line of those groups /pages and countless visitors of those huge groups or pages comes across your group as they browse through. Your group name and cover photos compels them into joining yours immediately.
STEP 6: Learn to post regularly. Constant posting attracts constant sharing and constant sharing attracts new members.

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