3 simple ways to grow fast a Facebook page without running ads

3 simple ways to grow fast a Facebook page without running ads.
1-Create a page with an irresistible name – a name that attracts every wondering attention.
For example, names like WHATSAPP DATING. Anyone who sees this name will surely be attracted to try to know what the page is about. The person could think it’s a platform where whatsapp contacts are exchanged for dating purposes and he will end up liking the page. Remember that the name is temporary and will be changed when it has attracted maximum likes.
2-Always create compelling contents on the page – posts that compels followers to share and comment.
Greater the shares, the greater the number of people reached and an increase in number of LIKES is return.
3-You need groups :search for open groups – groups that allows members to post without the approval of the admin.
Each time you post on your page, always share the post to the groups to reach a huge number of audience, those who fell in love with your posts are compelled to like your page and this why your posts must be compelling.
This groups also foster heavy sharing. Sharing of your posts by the group members allows your page to go far beyond your imagination and many likes are picked from this process.
It’s very easy thing. Through these simple steps I was able to achieve a page of 250k within the period of 1 month.

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