25 Reasons Some People Don’t Enjoy S3x, You Wont Believe Number 13

13. “Hygiene concerns”
Xx sometimes can get sensually messy. Yes, your fluids mix, tongues collide, sheets get wet. If you’re busy being made love to but still playing your neat freak role you will not enjoy xx. In fact, you will find yourself repelling your spouse, you don”t want to lick your spouse, don’t want the tongue on you, you’ll be scared of fluids mixing, and worse off, especially for women, when he climaxes you push him aside and want to run to take a shower. Your spouse can tell when you wear disgusted eyes

14..”Same old routine”
Boredom eventually makes you get tired of xx, xx shouldn’t always be predictable. Be creative in bed, your s3xlife depends on it

15. “Doing xx as an obligation”
Xx should be an expression of love not a duty. Tragedy is when you get to the point of s3xing your spouse because you feel obligated to give your spouse conjugal rights. Xx should not be one sided where one spouse gets pleasure and the other feels forced to play the part. This is where most women fake orgasms and end it quickly, soon xx becomes undesirable

16. “Pathetic foreplay”
No foreplay or pathetic foreplay puts off the act. Xx should be like a concert, where foreplay is the curtain raiser and intercourse the main act. When the curtain raiser is a bad performance, it taints the quality of the entire concert


17. “Cold hindplay”
The foreplay may be amazing, the intercourse could be incredible, but what happens after the climax shapes the view of xx. If after xx your spouse becomes cold towards you, treats you like you are no longer needed or walks away like you are some dirty thing; you will begin to feel used. Every time you’ll think of xx, you will remember that feeling of being used

18. “Viewing xx as evil”
In a world where talking about xx has been made a taboo, xx has been made so cheap, the abuse of xx has led to much pain and we grow up being told to shun xx; many end up viewing xx as evil. Godly people become programmed to frown at the thought of xx. Evil shouldn’t steal what God invented. Xx is Godly and is God’s idea. In your marriage, talk dirty with your spouse, get kinky, hold nothing back; for even God expects, desires and demands you two to enjoy xx


9. “Fear of pregnancy”

No one, married or not desires to get a child when they are not ready. We plan our families because we want to bring children into this world when we can give the best. The fear of getting pregnant can take away the peace, one can’t relax fully though the want for pleasure exists. And even after the xx, the mind stays anxious waiting for the monthly periods, and gets worried when the periods are late. That worry keeps eating up the joy of xx. Save yourself the stress, discuss with your spouse and doctor on the right contraceptive so that you enjoy xx and plan when to have children or your next child

20. “Roughness”
When your spouse is clumsy, hurtful or rough on you and in touching you it can easily kill the pleasure. Teach each other how to handle each other, be sensitive. There is a difference between wild good xx and hurtful handling

21. “Wrong words or no words spoken”
Don’t be silent, go on and moan, say something, say what you want. Your moan turns your spouse on even more, the more your spouse hears you enjoying, the more your spouse gets into it and enjoyment is heightened. Be careful also not to say something that turns your spouse off

22. “Your ex”
If you had xx with another or others before getting married, move on from those past experiences. Don’t recall those past thoughts, focus on your spouse. Don’t make your spouse compete with thoughts of an ex stuck on your mind

23. “Guilt”
When you know you are having xx with someone who is not yours, when you know you are being unfaithful; your conscience will not let you enjoy xx. You will know what you’re doing doesn’t please God

24. “Low self esteem”
How you view yourself dictates how you approach xx. If you have a low self esteem, if you are self-conscious about your body, if you don’t feel attractive, if you don’t see yourself as s3xy; you will not enjoy xx. Work on your self image to make love with confidence. Love your body, dress your body well, keep fit and make sure you don’t insult or mock your spouse’s body but that you compliment and praise your spouse’s body; that body carries the heart of the person that loves you. Make your spouse feel s3xy and you will be s3xed good

25. “Selfishness”
The greatest xx happens when two givers give pleasure. When it’s only about one spouse getting pleasure and calling the shots, the other spouse will not enjoy but will want the act to end quickly and walk away or sleep

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