15 Things Women Hate In A Relationship

9) Women hate it when guys turn into fitness freaks
Women really appreciate it when their guys remain fit even after marriage, whether it is in the form of regular trips to the gym or taking time to hop on the treadmill at home for a quick cardio workout. She will herself like to take inspiration from his ripped body so that she can find the motivation to lose weight and stay attractive.
But this source of motivation can easily turn into a source of hatred if her man takes fitness to an extreme level. Unless her man is a professional in the field of body building or fitness, she may see no reason why he should be spending thousands of dollars on fitness supplements, following crazy diets and spending all his free time in the gym in an effort to try to look like mean monster.

10) Women hate inflated male egos in a relationship
Women want men to leave their egos behind when they are together because a woman’s personal space has no place for her partner’s ego. Sometimes men don’t understand that their behavior with their women doesn’t need to be as macho as it is when they are with co-workers, colleagues or friends.
A caring girlfriend or wife will lovingly stroke her man’s ego. But she does that while expecting her man to show off his inflated ego in front of others and not to herself.

11) Showing disgust over women’s hygiene issues
Women want their men to be more accepting of all women’s hygiene issues including hair removal and periods. Men typically like to steer clear of anything that has got to do with these things including hair removing tools and accessories, tampons or special underwear.
It is a common sight in relationships and popular culture that men show disgust when it comes to women’s hygiene issues. For example, if a woman does not make a bad face when her man shaves his stubble, why should a man make a yucky face at the sight of a woman shaving her legs?
This is not a woman’s idea of spending a fun weekend all the time.

12) Slouching on the couch for the entire weekend
Monday morning to Friday afternoon is generally the most boring time of the week. Work and studies can take the fun out of life on weekdays. But Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday are supposed to be the most fun days of the week.
Women absolutely hate it when their men just want to sit on the couch, watch TV, play video games, watch movies and eat stuffing amounts of home-delivered pizza. Women expect their men to strike a nice balance between relaxing like a slouch and doing something fun during the weekend.

13) Burping and farting in front of girlfriend or wife
Girls expect their guys to excuse themselves and pass gas in private. Women hate it when their guys unapologetically burp loudly or fart in front of them. It is gross and shows bad manners.
High levels of familiarity and comfort should not be taken for granted. A married couple or guys are girls who have been in a relationship for a long time may have been at the receiving end of an untimely burp or fart. But this is supposed to be a one-off.

14) Comparison with the deadly two: Mothers and exes
A woman will feel devalued if her guy compares her to his mother or his ex. It feels derogatory and it can make a woman feel like she is not the most important female figure in his life.
Such comparisons are commonly made men when they compare their woman’s cooking with their mothers or point out an annoying habit that their ex-girlfriend did not have. Most of these comparisons may be made unintentionally or in a fit of rage, but the damage is done irrespective of whether it was deliberate or not.

15) Obsession with gadgets and machines
Men can be obsessed about gadget, cars and other boys stuff to an extent that a passionate hobby turns into a gripping obsession which takes over their lives. For example, a man who is obsessed with tinkering with his motorcycle may be spending every second of his free time in the garage.
His obsessive hobby may also be draining out hundreds or thousands of dollars. His wife or girlfriend will hate the fact that she, and the relationship is the second priority in his life.

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