15 marriage tips for every couples

9. The marriage is simply exposing your ‘relational deficiencies’ at the early stage so that you can sit back, adjust and enjoy the best!
10. 1, 2 and perhaps 3 years in marriage only lays ‘relational foundations’
Be careful not to end up resentful, in strife and in bitterness. If you allow this to happen, you have simply negatively redefined the rest of your own life- pursue peace at all costs! Be deliberate
11. At this stage, pray deeply for your partner- they are also ‘struggling’ to come to terms with ‘being married’
12. As soon as Satan successfully installs regret in your heart about the union, the rest of your life is set on the wrong course-demotivation, pain, anger and all other negative emotions will take center stage!
13. Pause! Every marriage that became enviable, was built from scratch by 2 persons who struggled like all of us to understand their difference and to overcome it

14. Don’t give up on your spouse! If you do, the journey becomes longer and a lot more painful than you can imagine! Fight for the union
15. Stop complaining, welcome to marriage where two adults in love learn to be two adults in union; get to work!
16. It is not gloom and doom but marriage is where you come to and have to lay your bed the way you want to sleep on it
17. Choose not to be surprised by what surprised you in marriage! Be ready to learn and be smart. Choose to win and not to get drowned
18. Make up your mind before going in or now that you are in not to make it difficult for your partner! Consciously decide to be a better person
19. The early years of marriage is like foundation laying and the other years of the marriage will build on it; do not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy at this time. Anything that pitches you guys against each other is a direct demonic plan to end your union!


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