10 Sweetest Things About Marriage You Need To Know Now

Everything isn’t $3x. Let her put her head on your chest and gist you about some challenges at work. Discuss about your itinerary as a pastor while loosing her braided hair.

Tell each other how it is that one of you is finer than the other and laugh about it. Let the wife pick her husband’s legs, nose or fingers and deride him for it. Both of them should be able to laugh freely at themselves over “his long nose”, “her thin legs”, or “pot belly.”

Whoever says marriage shouldn’t be run like friendship is being run? Must everything be formal and official? When the only time the man and wife talk intimately is only when there’s a serious issue, that’s marital crap.

Some never hear of what happened to their spouse until a third party discussed it. That’s not healthy for marriage.

That’s why the 60 year old wife leaves her 75 year old husband later in life, and forgets herself with her granddaughter. Some have become a nuisance to their son/daughter in law. The other side is why the 60 year old wife tell her married daughter, “Please I’ve played with your baby enough. I miss my husband.”

Romance is important in marriage. $3x isn’t for baby alone. Can’t we sing into each other’s ears? But I’m just tired of this so called African tradition. Everything is too formal.

Can’t the husband act like he’s still trying to “woo” his wife even in marriage? Can’t the wife just loosen up and not be too “cranky?”

*Marriage is to be enjoyed and not to be endured.



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