10 Mistakes Ladies Make When A Guy Cheats On Them


4. Fighting or beating up the other woman. Why not apply maturity in this aspect. Love is worth fighting for BUT not physical battle. Pray about it and if nothing happens, move on babe.

5. Threatening to leave just to scare him: Doing this may not help matters cos if you’ve what it takes to keep him, he wouldn’t leave you & even when he does, he will come back.


6. Insulting him: You don’t need to insult him cos doing that makes him feel that you are afraid of losing him.

7. Posting your matter on social media: Do you think u are helping matters??? Get wisdom ! Many are in ur shoes if u don’t know. What will be, will be o.

8. Saying ” all men are the same” is a sign of frustration. If truly all men as same then, all woman are same.

9. Trying to commit suicide: Seriously, when you are gone, you are gone ! If u take ur life cos a guy that doesn’t deserve you, then u are such a joker! He will move on with other women. Na soldier go, soldier come & barracks remain o. Lol

10. Putting sad face everywhere u go: Babe, you’re causing more harm to ursef. Please cheer up & move on he left you to create space for the rightful man to come in.


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